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  1. I just bought the Mary Carlomagno book – thanks for that! I need to read more things like this while in the parent pick up line at school, rather than suffering through beatings at Words With Friends. We’ll be thinking about you and Finley tomorrow!

  2. Sending lots of positive vibes to master F and yourself…roll on spring, once we get past this snow they’re forecasting for the weekend…erk!

  3. Hey gorgeouschops. Good luck for Finley tomorrow, and how about a coffee next week? I’m off to do my very own audit on the blog (let’s face it, if I can avoid dealing with the final edits of the novel and instead faff about online, I’m going to do it…)


  4. I found Brocante Home blog in 2008 in a class exercise (find blogs you admire) . I started fashionrip.blogspot soon after. At the time my son was going through brain tumor issues after his second surgery and your soft, vintage, intelligent whimsy ( what oh, but we need a new word) helped me feel that despite everything , life was a magnificent thing, minute by precious minute. Thank you and may all be well with Finley. My son now has 2 beautiful daughters and is gaining movement in his face as his nerves recover, he is an ER doc and went through this before his residencey. Remembering the beauty and wonderful creative things in the world helped me stay sane and semi centered. fashionRIP continues to deal with the ecosystem, fashion image, lifestyle, health issues in a unified field concept. Vintage, reuse, creative diversity that aligns with the bigger reality, good thoughts, moving toward dreams and wonderous possibilities open as wetravel towards that light in our hearts. Namaste and thank you

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