Bye Bye Domino

By Alison January 28, 2009 No Comments 2 Min Read

Woe is me. I can hardly bear it. First my beloved Mary Englebreit, then Country Home and Cottage Living, then my lovely Eve, then Blueprint and now Domino…
Magazines are folding left, right and centre. And I guess that darn old credit crunchy business is to blame.. but is it really, or does this mass closure of magazines we once loved suggest that our needs are being met by the abundance of excellent, beautiful inspirational blogs with writers at the helm able to provide daily fixes of gorgeousness in a seemingly never ending stream, without interruption from pages and pages of adverts?
Only the other day, I stood in Borders and realised to my utter amazement that I now only regularly buy one British interiors/lifestyle magazine (Country Living) compared with the eight I used to buy monthly just five years ago. And I don’t really know why, other than to say that much of the content started to seem almost re-hashed

While this whole business is terribly sad and represents one more example of how we are being forced to re-think every aspect of the way we live, perhaps it simply means that in the future artisan magazines and journals like those created by Stampington and Company (Have you seen Apron.ology??) will thrive, supported by a buzzing blogosphere willing to spend what money we still have on publications that reflect and support our lifestyle, with the kind of attention to detail all too often sacrificed by big budget magazines in an effort to keep their advertisers happy.

It’s a whole new world isn’t it?

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