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  1. You stink! Ever since you introduced me to Gutenberg, I’ve been downloading book after book! On top of that, you keep giving me suggestions. It’s like giving crack to an addict. I refuse to look at anymore until I’ve fin…well, one more couldn’t hurt.Not free, but your son (and you, of course) may like The Best Christmas Pageant Ever! Who hasn’t had Herdmans in their lives. It’s only $3.64 US on Kindle, but the Library probably has a copy.
    Also, since the cold weather hit, I’ve been making hot buttered rum — not too strong. It’s very relaxing at night while reading or watching Christmas movies.

  2. Have you ever read Babette’s Feast, by Isak Dinesen? I think it’s in the collection ‘Anecdotes of Destiny’. It’s so beautiful, if I ever feel the need to get into the Christmas spirit I reread it. I think you might enjoy it.

  3. Mary,I’ve never Babette’s Feast, but I love the film. The cinematography is so warm, and the dialogue so languid, I love to watch it when it’s really cold outside.

  4. Sorry…Helen. I must have Christmas too much on the brain. It should read “I’ve never READ Babette’s Feast” — so much for proof-reading.

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