Creating A Beautiful Vintage Home

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Many of us are embracing the old and throwing out the new when it comes to our homes and have fallen head over heels in love with the vintage look. But creating a vintage home can be painstakingly slow due to the delicate detail and the care that has to be put into the design. However, the end result will be nothing short of fabulous. So how should you go about creating your dream vintage interior?

Enhance the Original Features

Ceiling roses, pictures rails, and original fireplaces can be found in many homes but not all of them are restored back to their former glory and are simply left to collect dust. This is a waste and they can be made into stunning features that could enhance the look of your home immediately. Original features can be worth a lot of money so it may not be the best idea to restore them yourself. Professionals are available to do this for you and can complete the job quickly and you will be left with a perfect result.

Investigate the Era

Depending on what era you are aiming to portray throughout your home, the features will no doubt be different. One aspect which has stayed fairly consistent throughout the years is the flooring and this is a point which is seen to be extremely important when it comes to creating the vintage look. It would be great if you could reclaim the original flooring or use sites like to get materials to patch up the original flooring. Then that would definitely be a vintage floor! Aim for a dark floor if you really want to make a statement as this can add character to any room within your home. Dark floors are also less susceptible to fading because they will absorb light. Posh Flooring has a number of options for you to choose from and these can be delivered directly to your front door so that you can lay the floor yourself. Perhaps make the floor look a little worn to really add to the vintage feel.

Add Your Own Touch

There are many vintage features and accessories that you can add in to a home and can buy or perhaps even make yourself. For instance the curtains can use old fashioned floral prints to really enhance the windows and complement the old window frames and panes. Delicate touches such as using doilies could be a good idea as this will bring the finishing parts together to complete the look of your home. Other items such as a Butler sink or an original style Aga could be great investments as well as statement pieces within your kitchen which are guaranteed to be a talking point.

Uncovering Treasures

Without knowing, many of our homes could be hiding treasures that are just waiting to be discovered and restored. For instance, behind numerous layers of plaster there could be an original brick wall that uses materials that go back many decades. These really could look stunning within any home and especially one which has a vintage theme. If you are aware that there are any fireplaces that are blocked or boarded up, make these a priority to uncover. Once fully restored you can add a log burning fire and your lounge or kitchen will be converted back to the beginning of the last century.

This post was written by Amy Bennett on behalf of Posh Flooring who supply a great number of flooring varieties to help you achieve any look.

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