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  1. That is exactly the kind of fantasy I have. To just be somewhere cozy and relax while someone else does all the cooking, cleaning and laundry. Where I can just read or knit to my heart’s content. Then I would just end up worrying about home and how things wouldn’t be getting done. I’d worry about my wee one and the pets.

  2. I hear you. Had no idea the escape urge had a name… (I’m sorry Finley’s peace was shattered. If only we could have protected our sons to keep that bubbling innocence.) My cousin and I call that urge to hit the high road “having a Peterman Day” in honor of a local banker gentleman who simply went on break, got in his car, went missing for several days, and then surfaced in California. He came home and sheepishly went back to his life. He was our hero for a while until it was revealed he was secretly meeting a woman he’d met on AOL. Sigh…..
    Hugs… Hang in there….

  3. I sometimes dream of a little cottage by the sea where I can just be me ,alone with no one to do anything for,but walk the beach and dream my dreams 🙁

  4. I have it a lot, I want to read the pile of novels and the ones on my Kindle and catch up on blu ray discs and I want to sit in the conservatory with chai tea and my home mags. After a while I start to think okaaay where is everyone ? I text my friend want a cuppa ?! No hope is there ?

  5. When I get like that and I cannot do one thing about it-I watch the Movie “Enchanted April” -Works every time. It is about 4 ladies on a month long holiday to a castle in Italy. One of the ladies calls it her “rest cure”. I love it. take careBecky

  6. Domestic Drapetomania, definitely something I suffer from, especially with there is yet another load of washing to hang out. The sameness of this task gets to me, yet not doing the dishes or making the beds. I long to escape, or have someone to do it for me!xoxo

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