Floral Biscuit Nirvana

By Alison July 15, 2013 4 Comments 1 Min Read

Apologies in advance, my darlings, to those who do not live in throwing distance of Waitrose, geographical distance does rather create its own problems here on the internet doesn’t it?
But I’m afraid I couldn’t help share my latest Waitrose delight with those who are able grab their wicker baskets and make their way to this the most exquisite of British supermarkets to stock up on rose and lavender shortbread…

You see I swear the universe becomes a little more Brocante by the day: where once rose shortbread could only be borne as the fruit of my own labor, now I can have this lovely little heart biscuits permanently available for elevenses taken with a cup of Twinings Rose Tea to re-set my emotional thermometer to calm in a jiffy.

For those without the joy of Waitrose on their doorstop, one simply adds edible rose petals and a drop or two of rosewater to a standard shortbread recipe, et voila: floral biscuit nirvana!


  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for posting about these. I will definitely be hot footing it to Waitrose for the lavender ones. Had a bar of lavender chocolate for my birthday a couple of years ago which was just fabulous. Seeing as it’s my birthday on Sunday I think a little lavender treat may be in order again!Lisa x

  2. Heather F says:

    Those are the prettiest cookies/biscuits I’ve ever seen!

  3. Ouissi says:

    I’m off to wairose tomorrow…x

  4. I do love that china… am planning to visit my good friend in London in the Spring, have just put these on my shopping list!

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