Gifts From Amberwell

By Alison December 10, 2013 4 Comments 1 Min Read

While on my travels last week I happened across this pretty edition of Amberwell by D.E.Stevenson and seized upon it like a particularly greedy cat upon a mouse, because Stevenson of Miss Buncle fame is such an easy, charming writer and I am always eager for more of the same…

So what a pleasure it was to open it and find that time had left so many gifts among it’s pages. Can there be anything better than pressed flowers treasured in certain books for reasons we will never know? While photographs and newspaper clippings are common finds inside old books it is the pressed wild flower that sends me particularly giddy…

For who was it that took the time to press these tiny flowers? Why did she keep them? And why in this book? This is the kind of romantic mystery my heart likes to try to fathom – a guessing game that has my imagination picturing young girls in the first throes of love or a housewife pressing her secrets between the pages of a book he gave her…

This then will be the first book for sale in my Etsy vintage bookshop in the New Year – a romantic mystery for you to solve and a darling tale of the children who grow up in Amberwell. Do look out for it won’t you?


  1. Ali says:

    What a pretty find! I had no idea you were opening a bookshop Alison. I look forward to reading more about it in the new year.
    Ali x

  2. Barbara D. says:

    Books! Did you say BOOKS! Oh my,my heart be still. One can never have too many books. Can’t wait!

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