Going For A Walk

By Alison January 30, 2009 No Comments 1 Min Read

” Did it ever occur to you that an inspiring idea is hidden in the hackneyed occupation of “going for a walk”? You start out with a destination in view; how small are your single steps in comparison with the miles they measure out, yet you add step to step; half unconsciously you cover the ground; at last you arrive and you have not found the journey so long after all. Sometimes you start off tired, your steps are slow, you move languidly; but you have determined to reach a certain place, and little by little, one step taken and then another, mere habit helping to bear you on, you reach your journey’s end. You may even have to rest by the way, but you must arrive; and so you go on again to find the peace of an accomplished task rewarding you at last.
If we would only carry this spirit of determination, of persistent effort, into our lives, what tasks we could accomplish, what heights we might attain! It is the doing of the daily task, the step added to the step, that accomplishes the great things. Probably you know the often-quoted story of the scientist who was wife was always twenty minutes late for dinner. At the end of the year he gave her a book which he had written in those daily twenty minutes. Next time you go for a walk, notice how short each step is by itself, how slight the effort needed, yet finally you arrive, and realise it is just this slight, yet perservering effort that will bring you to the Promised Land.”

The Girls Own Annual, 1919

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