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  1. A tiffin box is used in India to carry hot lunches to people at work. Each smaller box carries a different food to keep them seperate but have a full meal. If you stock those in your Etsy shop, I’m definitely getting one!

  2. I would love one too – although postage to Australia would likely run into three times more than the price of the tiffin itself 🙁 I have seen tiffins before, but never one as pretty as that.
    Have you heard the story of the tiffin carriers? Apparently office workers in India (I think it is a white collar thing, but I could be wrong) have someone go to their house each day/morning to collect their hot lunch cooked by their partner and packed n their own tiffin and deliver it to them at work every day. The carriers have a crazy number of tiffins to deliver daily but apparently rarely ever get them mixed up or fail to deliver the lunch. Pretty impressive!

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