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  1. I love the Gilmore Girls, but I will say that the last couple seasons are just not as good as the first few. IF you can find it, I’d definitely suggest giving it a whirl!

  2. The Gilmore Girls is one of very favourite programmes! You would love it I’m sure! It’s very funny and fast moving – see if you can find any episodes on youtube.

  3. You provide the best links Alison, that’s half an hour gone by while reading your post. Like Helena I think the early seasons of the GG were best — Season One definitely and Season Two, after that it became a bit of a parody of itself.

  4. Hi Alison I absolutely adored Gilmore Girls – my beautiful niece and I sometimes have GG marathons snuggled in our pyjamas. Its a funny quirky series with lots of heartwarming moments too. Sadly it is true that the earlier seasons are better than the later ones. Love to you and yours x

  5. Oh my goodness me – yes, yes, yes watch Gilmore Girls!!!!! I have every box set (seven seasons) and they are my most compulsive comfort viewing. Try and watch in chronological order from very beginning to get the whole set up of the characters and their history. I think they are showing re runs on one of the channels at the moment (5*??? E4?? not sure, have a search). She’s certainly not a vintage housekeeper though! (but I bet you’ll love her house). I must say too, I find the length of Rory’s reading list a little baffling….. great starting point for finding some great books though.

  6. I too have been searching for a new blog reader. I’ve been using Bloglovin’ for awhile but am not highly impressed. I have signed up for Feedly so we’ll see how that goes.
    Congrats to your sister!

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