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    1. Hi Ali, he has gone quiet on the subject after I went to Citizens advice and was told he wouldn’t have a hope, without considerable expense and eventual defeat regardless…So all fingers crossed he has given up!x

  1. How I love these musings of yours. I can’t begin to tell you how much they mean to me, and I picture you ‘across the pond’ in your little cottage, and wish I lived nearby. Thank you a thousand times for your blog. It has changed my life for the better, and these paltry words don’t begin to express the depth of my gratitude.

  2. Oh, Beautiful! You are soooo. Amazing! Thank you for the little shout out… It is a beautiful book… At times I’m not up to it, but I loved it. Your parallel dream life made me think… Have you seen the movie with Demi Moore called Passion of Mind? You have to! It is just fabulous… It ignited such imagination in me…. I really live better because of you and Brocante… I have a person at work who is out to get me…. I escape to orange and bergamot scented linens and Brocante styled school desk comfort and “efficient play” drawers…. I hope our little boy feels better soon!

  3. There are times when I do my daily prayer, I do think about both of you! Hope things would be fine and that idiotic foolish ex disappears away!!

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