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  1. Wish you were here to cheer me on when my energy flags. Sooo much clutter to deal with! Thanks for the encouraging words. Amanda

  2. De – cluttering makes me so happy ! Not much energy but the spirit is there if not the body. Good luck with all your cleansing. X

  3. Alison!!! Where is everything gone?! As in all the pages?! I am stuck here on 3 entries & cannot see any archives or way to reach older ones! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    1. Ooh Sophie I don’t know: the site is behaving very badly lately. Everything seems fine this end so perhaps you need to clear your browser’s cache? Also hitting CTRL+F5 will do a hard refresh of the site and that might get it to work?.I know my host has had problems overnight so chances are its something this end and I will speak to them now.
      Hopefully the site will be back soon, so thank you for the heads up Sweetheart!x

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