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  1. Poor Fin!It’s howling a gale here, rain flung against the windows in the already dusk (2pm). I’m with you in the campervan …!

  2. Poor Finn, hope he gets better quickly. It’s strangely warm here but there is a fast moving storm headed our way this weekend full of snow and ice. I’m up for the camper too, as long as mine can be turquoise. 😉

  3. We have snow here today so though I have only 1 gift bought I’m not worrying at all. The past several years we have kelt things very simple and it makes the holidays so much nicer! Get well Finn!

  4. Do hope Finn is on the mend. Campervan or Kibbutz….both sound enticing on a very cold day. Five days of freezing temps, so cold the snow can’t melt, has kept me housebound. Baking, decorating and lots of reading. And NO shopping. And I’m not missing the shopping crowds so this is actually a nice week.

  5. Hope Sir Finn is improving, poor little guy. I’m just NOT into the whole Yule thing this year. No idea why. Again there’s that word “obligation”.
    Ali x

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