Housekeepers Diary

By Alison January 7, 2013 2 Comments 2 Min Read

Today. A house that has whispered thank-you for she could not bear to wear her gaudy, festive glad-rags for a moment longer. A bill finally paid off after what seems like years. Before it was due! A woman doing a happy dance all by herself. Hoping that gratitude tickles the cheeks of all those other women who have supported her in her work and made this day finally possible.
A bag of organic mixed sprouts eaten like crisps. A brooch with all the right words. Time alone at last.

Laundry divided into three piles on the landing. Beds un-made. A Buddha wearing a bird-cage and holding an offering of teeny diamond studs and a ring that will not fit my finger. A quiche in the oven that can only be described as a culinary ode to left-overs…

A bald car tyre to be replaced. The soundtrack to Quartet on my iPhone as I go about my work. The memory of the film still large in my head. Dear Darling Cissie. A cream cardigan lounging in Italian Laundry liquid in the sink. The light, un-promising flutter of mail on to the mat.

Three empty drawers waiting to be filled with whatever 2013 brings. A stack of new tea-towels for the New Year. One hundred wishes written down and sent off into the universe. Molly Make-Believe on my Kindle (again).

Fine weather. A cat breaking my heart with his regular forays next door. Milk in a violet sprinkled bowl to tempt him back home. Decking too slippy to walk on. A weekend in the Lake District on the horizon. A general anesthetic for a brave little boy looming this week. A toffee cake on my Bake-Me-Next list.

A thank-you letter to write. A book to plan. Mirrors to clean. A dish-washer to empty. 


  1. This was just lovely to read, Alison. What a way you have…

  2. Mrs Homespun says:

    I love how you can turn the ordinary into something so romantic and delicious!xoxo

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