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  1. Oh no. Oh no no no nononononooooooooo. My house is definitely lived in-the only time I’ve ever been that psychotic about it was in our old house that was for sale, then I was a little nuts, but here? Absolutely not. There are stacks of dog eared magazines on the side of the bath tub, wires for cell phones, iPads, laptops lying in a pile on the floor beside the couch and umpteen different remotes on the ottoman. I mean, I have a child here and he’s growing up so fast that I will always choose snuggling and reading Harry Potter together or making pumpkin pie granola with him over dusting twice a day. I have plenty of time for that when he goes to college.

  2. When my three children were all still under four years of age, I lived in a perpetual state of chaos which was tidied up at the end of the day ( when was that…I was breastfeeding?) or week- if that was how it went. Now all are in middle childhood years and life is so much tidier (open the drawer and sweep the wii controls inside, shut drawer) and so much less fun. All the mess is mine- magazines, baking, wool ends and bits of fabric. I no longer live in a state of Can’t Have Anybody Over Syndrome…but I do miss it! For everything there is a season, and the childhood toys are over oh so soon.

  3. Ah – but your lady could be suffering from her own OCD hell or living with someone elses (a means of control comfort for herself or for fear of getting the living **** beaten out of her because the soup tins aren’t lined up ‘just so’ for someone else). Either way, it was probably as scarey as hell to invite someone else in. Obvs there are always the gloaters of the parish who live to undermine everyone else – but more to be pitied than feared, non? For myself – clutter-bucket is the phrase you’re looking for – and whilst I clean as I go when cooking – the rest of it has to get in the queue 🙂 New site is looking fabbo btw – well done you!

  4. Well, I’m not to sure what’s better but I can tell you what I am more comfortable with. I grew up with a rather piggy lot of mess and disorder so I do think some tidying is required but I think this sort of living isn’t much fun and is a lot more work than just having a good sweep a designated times. My new routine (per someone else’s suggestion) is to have a good tidy whenever we’re leaving the house and also at the end of the day. You never come home to disaster or wake up to it. Good plan for me as long as I can keep up with it which is….. mostly.

  5. There’s nothing wrong with tidying up after yourself as you go but it’s rude to do it to others especially guests. Sit and revel in your friends and your mess and clean up after. It will always be there your friends will eventually go home your kids will grow up and move out and the time for them will be past. Enjoy them while you can.

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