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  1. Have you read “Servants, a downstairs view of twentieth century Britain” by Lucy Lethbridge? I have just finished it and really enjoyed it. It is a rather academic tome and being a history fan I thought I would be more interested in the earlier years described in the book, of ironing newspapers and millions of minions scurrying too and fro. Although I did enjoy that, as well as the descriptions of all the societies and associations for servants, it was really the latter years – the 50’s and 60’s that I found fascinating. My Mum worked selling electrical appliances and I just grew up with them of course. But rather like my son now, who thinks the internet always existed, I didn’t really realise how “new” all these electrical appliances were to help the housewife.
    Prior to the Servants book, I read “The Scent of Water” which I saw recommended on here and thoroughly enjoyed – a new author for me so thank you.

  2. In the ABC, zzzzz made me laugh out loud. I used to get so annoyed with The Man for snoring, as if he had control over it, as if he was doing it to foil my beauty rest. I used to poke him angrily. Terrible.Now if it gets really bad, I will try to roll him over once. If that doesn’t work I will make a few trumpeting elephant noises, which gets me giggling rather than angry. Usually my laughter will wake him up just enough to get him to change positions to end the nasal rumbling. 🙂
    Much better response on my end, I think, and results in much better repose for me also!

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