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  1. My tortoiseshell tabby, Sophie, remembers her water dish spot soooooo well, that she CAN’T SEE THE BLASTED THING if you move it. She’s 6 years old, with perfect eyesight. She can spot a fluttering leaf at 100 yards, but she can’t see her water dish if it’s not in front of the kitchen sink, not even if you splash in it and call her, as I did last night. Oh no, it ain’t water if it ain’t right in front of the sink where it can be kicked in the dark by bumbling humans.Of course, I folded like a cheap lawn chair and gave it to her, after shutting her in the garage with her water dish failed to work. She just circled around to the front door, suckered one of the kids into opening it for her, and resumed her post in front of the sink.
    Stubborn wench.

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