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  1. I remember you posted a Life Audit last year and I was too scared/lazy/uninspired to do it then. I’m in a serious slumpola life-wise these days. Perhaps this would help me to see the proverbial forest for the trees. I’m intrigued about that bath. You mean a full size person bath? I’d take a lovely, sink me up to my chin in hot water bath tub over the idiot box (reference to your bust tv) any day of the week!
    Isn’t it getting seriously chilly now too. Michael Fish (Netweather) says Winter is knocking at the back door next week. *sigh* Christmas coming soon. *double sigh*

    Ali x

  2. Alison I love your blog I find you so inspiring even though you have been going through a tough time this last while. It is the human side of you that I love and that inspires me. Please don’t give up blogging ,I look forward to your blog arriving in my in box. Also Alison have you heard when Sarah Ban Breathnach is starting her blog? I e-mailed Maureen, But I heard nothing. I started on the Simple Abundance path because of you and I thank you for that. I wish you and your loved ones a peaceful Christmas and a Healthy New Year.Donna xx

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