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  1. I like that, but if I may make a suggestion. Do NOT scrimp when it comes to buying a mattress. The most comfortable is whats known as a “pillow top”. That’s an extra quilted layer that sits over top of the springs. And invest in a box spring for the mattress to sit on. Makes all the difference to the life of the mattress. Its common practice where I’m from, but seems to be a rarity here in England.
    Ali x

  2. I would love to have a big fluffy bed but my husband is allergic to down. The down alternative stuff is a joke. Luckily our mattress is a pillow top, so it is comfy.

  3. Thank you so much for re-posting this, such a beautiful post! I shall definitely be making more of an effort with my bedroom after reading it!

  4. Alison can you do a bit of translating please, what are ‘housewife’ and ‘european’ pillows? I’ve got five pillows on the bed which are — pillows! 🙂

  5. So lovely to see this again. I remember when you posted it before I loved it so much I copied it out into a notebook. I’ve still got it somewhere. With a 2 yr old and 6 mth old I LOVE my bed but don’t get to spend enough time in it or to make it as beautiful as you describe above. One day I will. Lovely to have come back to your lovely site again after a long time. Fiona x

  6. A ” housewife” style pillow is traditional in Britain and an oblong shape. It’s 25 inches by 17 inches. 63.5 cm by 43 cm roughly.
    Continental European pillows are traditionally square in shape. It’s 23 inches by 23 inches. Just under 60cm by 60 cm. Pillows are rather fluffy so hard to measure. My guess is they’re meant to be 60x 60 cm as the Continent is metric.

    Square pillows became popular in Britain as a second pillow, behind the houswife style pillow. Like Alison wrote you can prop them up very conveniently for reading.

    There is now an ” emperor” size pillow for sale for those with huge beds. I live in a small London apartment so haven’t seen one up close!

    Hope that helps overseas readers…….

    1. Yeah, the housewife size sounds like what we just call a “standard” here, and we refer to the big square one’s as Euro’s. Anyone who wants to see what they look like can find lots on Pottery Barn’s website.

  7. I have gotten away from having a pretty bed. Perhaps it’s time to go back to having it dolled up. I’m afraid I can’t do all of the layers listed due to expense, time and heat factors (we get hot when we sleep). But it may be time to thrift some pretty sheets and pillowcases again.

  8. I so wish I could have layers on my bed as you do Alison. When I didn’t have to share my bed with anyone else, I had down everything, it was under me and top of me and it was like sleeping in a very fluffy cloud. Now that it is our bed, it is much simpler. No down except the pillows. Ben is a human heater and anything more than a sheet and lightweight comforter is thrown off when he comes to bed as he says, “are you trying to light me on fire?” *sigh*

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