Messy Beautiful

By Alison February 3, 2009 No Comments 1 Min Read

Neat Freak is never going to be a term applied to me by even the most deluded of love-sick fools. There is nothing neat about me. My nails are bitten to the quick, my hair is dancing a polka all by itself, my Dad says I’ve got an untidy face and even my eyebrows are going their own sweet, permanently surprised way. Though my own anally retentive side shows itself most often in my love of excessively neat blog sidebars, everything else is piled up in meaningful wobbly little stacks, and kinda left to rot until the mood takes me to pretend I am intrinsically organised and pluck out stray hairs and file piles of housekeeping related ephemera on what I can only describe as a whim.

It isn’t as if I don’t care about organization, or having a lovely home or a even a tidy face. I do! It’s just that my version of all of these things is, for want of a better word, messy. And I make up for the sweet shambolic state of everything I own by dressing it up in little fragments of loveliness which fool no-one but let me wander obliviously around my messy beautiful world in a state of almost permanently appreciative softly spoken joy…

Which is why this gorgeous journal from Etsy Seller Stitching A Dream (aka, Cheryl Dack from the blog Rosey Posey Confections) made my shabby little heart sing…

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