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    1. “Sleep tight, but not right after looking at something bright.”. That’s brilliant Rose. Many thanks for linking this: it definitely ruined a good nights sleep!x

  1. Ok, I’m laughing as its 3:09am right now on the far side of the US. I read this while listening to Josh Groban via Pandora loud and clear while typing ISBN codes into Amazons Trade In for old CD, since I’m following your Trash it or Trade it. Seems I have a small fortune to get back. I’ve gotta say Thank You, this is powerful stuff. I didn’t realize how much this would improve our lives. I think even successful people get bogged down in clutter. Your helping me create a haven out of my home. Bless you!

  2. There must have been something in the air. I was up really late last night too and up early this morning. Feeling all and squidgy from my lack of rest but insistent on powering through. Darn those bin men!

  3. Oh honey-I’m laughing, but in sympathy. I have chronic insomnia and a 10 year old son who can be maddeningly logical in his responses to my hysterics. My sure fire trick for getting back to sleep is weird, but it honestly works: Start listing foods in my head alphabetically. Avocados, apples, arugula etc then move on to B, C and so forth. I’ve never gotten past the letter G. It gives my racing thoughts some quiet boring thing to think about, rather than skipping all over here and there.

  4. Alison, I haven’t received my Housekeeping e-mails yesterday or today. I have the download, so I know what to do, but I miss my e-mails! *sob* I think I’m in withdrawal.My middle child “nobody loves me” insecurities are about to kick in; I need to make myself some Earl Grey and prettify something to take my mind off it……

  5. I looked in my Spam folder on the off chance that it had been filtered out for some reason, and my heart leapt momentarily when I spotted the word “Housekeeper” in the subject line of one e-mail, only to plummet as I read the next word.”Hookups”


    Not funny, Yahoo. Not funny at all.

    1. I have got Mad Mimi looking into it as we speak Honey: can you tell me the last day you received?

    1. Right! this is the message I have just recieved from a Mad Mimi chat concerning the missing emails:
      “Ok I’ll pass this along to our developer shawn who will be running some more tests and solving this issue for you, but it will take a little bit. ok if I email you once this is taken care of?”

      So as soon as I hear from him, I will let you know whats happening.x

      1. Thanks! I hope it’s not a headache for anyone. I opened up the download to see Day 9, so it’s not a huge deal or anything; I just love getting a daily Bit of Brocante in my e-mail box. They’re so pretty; your formatting is lovely.

  6. Oh my word, that was funny! I’m not laughing at your insomnia mind. I have bouts of that fun night time sport myself. Its the wonderful way you describe it.
    Ali x

  7. I’m having the same issue as Brunette – last day I received the daily was on Monday and it also was day 7 (not sure if that is a coincidence or not…). I have NOT received any offers for Housekeeper Hookups I am relieved to report.

    1. Hi Andrea, I am so sorry there have been problems with the emails. Mad Mimi are still trying to work out the problem at their end and hopefully will have it sorted by the morning.~Thank-you so much for your patience.x

  8. I am so sorry you had so much trouble sleeping and for the chaos that resulted the next morning, but, it sure made for an entertaining read this afternoon.
    I signed up for the emails on May 8 and I am still waiting to receive the first one. I have the download to go by but was really looking forward to the daily emails. Please help!

    1. Hi Shellia, I have emailed you the link you need. Usually Paypal takes you to the link but computers do seem to have a mind of their own don’t they??x

      1. Alison, thank you, thank you, thank you! The link worked and I have already gotten my first 365 email! WOOHOO! I’m off to change my sheets and air my mattress.

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