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  1. Treasure every line as the banner of a battle fought and won. You’ve paid for every bit of it; don’t even think of paying money to smooth away the evidence of all you’ve gained!I found a shiny, silver strand on my 29th birthday, right in the front, and now it has over half a dozen friends in the same spot. I’m well on my way to a legitimate *streak* of silver at my hairline, just to the right of center. I’m 32. I consider them a badge of honor.
    Wear your lines with pride, my friend!

  2. I love the fact that you wrote this after midnight and I am reading it 3.12am! Maybe we are both getting old…or maybe not 😉 Xx

  3. I am heading for 42 this year and feel exactly the same, afraid of not being me anymore, afraid of looking in the mirror and not recognising myself. toying with the idea of botox and afraid of that too x

  4. I’m not so much afraid of aging as I am of the falling apart that comes with it. I don’t mind the white hairs that have sprung up amongst my lovely auburn tresses or the laugh lines around my eyes, but I really detest how my bones ache in the winter and rain. I’m not even 40 yet!
    I started to read this at 1:45 in the morning but thought I’d better sleep since the puppy and the daughter have become early risers.

  5. I’m 42 and must say I’ve felt exactly the opposite about aging. I’ve rather thoroughly enjoyed it so far! I’ve finally let go of so many silly hangups and worries that I carried around in my younger soul. I’m no longer afraid to be me and am finding myself rather a person I like being, finally!
    So glad to hear you are finding yourself again after a tough time of it. Keep your wrinkled chin up and keep going right along with us all!

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