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  1. I am so excited about the pay what you want but I can’t seem to make it work properly. Where do you put in the information for the downloads that you want?

  2. Thank you so much. I just purchased some items but don’t seem to know where to find them. Ie I didn’t get an email with a link etc.
    It’s under the PayPal name Four Red Hens.

    Thanks and god bless you

    1. Good morning, a million thank you’s for your order, I have just emailed you as I can’t see instructions for which items you wanted.x

  3. I would love to take advantage of this, but I never received all of mine from last year. I am still waiting on the last installment for the Art of Homemaking.

    1. Hi Stacy, as it says in the post above, the last part of The art of Homemaking will be delivered on Thursday 29th November. Hope this helps.x

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