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  1. Totally adorable !!! Just noticed your instagram where Alice is modeling a pretty scarf as wellAlice is so stylin’ ! I just love it. !

  2. Pickled onions are FABU! Now, try them GRILLED. Soak a few wooden skewers and string them along and then toss them on the bar-b-que. Get them a little tinged with black, some softness with some crunchiness….um, um, good! Not likely to scare anyone off cause they will be eating them too! Or use one of those pans that have holes on the bottom of it!
    Now for Alice, she is adorable, but her look says “do I really have to?”

  3. Yes! I love staying home, as it gives me the control over my day. I often get irritated with myself for not getting “enough” done, though, especially with my writing. But knowing that I’m in charge of my own time, at least for seven hours or so per day, is empowering–and pretty wonderful!

  4. You are definitely a wonder-working home diva if you were able to get a cat to wear a sweater! I bow in your honor with humbled adoration, dear Alison!

  5. Is that a handknit? I want to make one for my Leonard because we shave him to keeep the hairballs down, but it’s a bit chilly in winter. (He was a rescue cat who never really learned to properly groom himself.)

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