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  1. Ah, so very true… I’m glad you think so. You are all I know of England personally…. Our royal ambassador, so to speak… I loved Diana and think of her all the time. Congratulations!

  2. Such excitement! I agree about such wonderful “real” parents. On a different note… I haven’t received any “trash it or treasure it” e-mails since week 5 on July 3rd. Where are you, I miss finding you in my mail box. Hope to see you soon, Amanda

    1. Hello Darling! I suspect the problem here is the same as the one that was affecting the 365 autoresponder and thus requires a “push” from the email company. This has been a massive, silly problem that simply shouldn’t happen and I am waiting for them to respond to get this addressed as soon as possible. Delivery should happen automatically, and for a reason I don’t fully understand “stalls” and this is when it seems as though I have disappeared!I’m on it Amanda!x

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