Puttery Treats For Cosier Mornings…

By alison November 20, 2013 10 Comments 4 Min Read

Brrrrrrr. I don’t know about you, but the minute the temperature drops I start finding mornings absolutely impossible. In a teeny little Victorian cottage like this one, with the worst insulation in the world, mornings can be the most dreadful of challenges. These then are a collection of tips and tricks to make falling out of bed that little bit cosier…
* Set the alarm for an hour before you need to be out of bed. There is nothing worse than having to throw your chilly self out into the day so allow your woken self to gently adjust before you have to haul your body out of bed. Use the time to read, to day dream or to meditate…

* Go on a creative excursion in search of a teeny tiny, just for your tooties only, little rug, so your cosy feet never have to experience the shock that is a cold wood or laminate floor.

* Keep your dressing gown or a large, cosy cardi lying at the end of the bed, under the blankets or duvet so that you don’t have to make a shivery dash across an icy bedroom. Keeping it inside the bed will mean that is cosy and warm when you pull it on, and it is almost like taking a little bit of your bed with you when you finally have to leave it.

* Ask Father Christmas to pop a  light therapy alarm clock in your stocking. It will help you adjust to the very horrible idea of getting up on those dark mornings and prevent the body jolt that is waking up to a loud alarm.

* Set your breadmaker to bake overnight so the scent of fresh, healthy warm bread drifts up the stairs. Scent is a peculiar thing, and some work really rather deliciously on convincing us that we ARE warm.

* Keep a lovely notepad on your bedside table and use it to jot down a to-do list for the day as soon as your eyes are open enough to write. Having the motivation to get out of bed is half the battle.

* Really go to town on having a long indulgent evening bath, instead of a shivery, horrible morning shower. No one ever died from not showering in the morning.

* If you really struggle to wake up in the mornings, keep a little pot of peppermint oil on your bedside and take a few, long, nasal clearing, wake-me-up-right-now sniffs before springing out of bed…

* Make a cup of scrumptious Mexican Atole to cosy up the cockles of your heart in a vanilla flavoured instant: morning heaven.

* Buy a length of white fairy-lights and put them on a timer around your headboard. Set the timer for half an hour before you need to get up and gently wake up in a magical grotto…

* Keep a tub of warming Winter handcream by your bedside and scoop a little bit into your hands as you get out of bed. The very act of vigorously rubbing it into your skin will immediately heat up your body. Look for creams containg ginger, cinnamon or orange and you will create a scent memory you will associate with Winter mornings for ever more.

* Play Josef Hassid’s  –  Meditation de Thais – a classical recording perfect for early morning wake up calls…

* Bake a batch of Heidi Swanson’s oatcakes at the beginning of the week and serve them warm from the oven with a rich marmalade for a quick and cosy breakfast…

* Treat yourself to a really pretty flask and fill it with boiling water before you go to bed each evening. By morning time it will be just lukewarm and make the perfect sippy start to a cold winter morning.

* Set lamps throughout the house on timers, to switch on just before getting up time. Visually this convinces us that we are warmer and cosier than we are.

* On very cold days make sofa and blanket breakfasts the norm so that no-one has to shiver around the breakfast table…

* Buy the cosiest, snuggliest slippers you can find and pop your feet into them, the minute you get out of bed.

Happy, cosier mornings Housekeepers!


  1. Utter bliss! It almost makes me glad of the chilly mornings! Will definitely be giving the flask idea a go, and I couldn’t wake up without my hour of Radio 4 first thing!

  2. Really lovely, creative and thoughtful, Alison. I will be thinking about which of these will help our cold mornings, tho’ I am also finding that reading in bed at night is too chilly lately…even with a hot-water bottle at my feet.

  3. Texas Barb says:

    These are lovely ideas Alison ! Wishing you a warm, cosy and relaxing day !

  4. Hausfrau says:

    So nice! And perfect timing, as we’re getting our first snow of the season here!

  5. But let’s make no mistake – there’s NOTHING ‘Beatrix Potter cosy’ about missing days of meals, with the heating off all winter, the lightbulbs unscrewed, selling your sons shoes and drinking his formula milk that the food bank gave you. If that’s ‘cosy frugality’, you’re frankly off the wall.

  6. Ali says:

    All those suggestions are lovely Alison, but my favourite is to set the heating to come on half an hour before you are due to get up. Provided of course that one has central heating. If not, you have my sympathies and may I suggest finding a new abode?

  7. Donna says:

    Alison I love the revamped site. So glad to have you back, you had me worried there for a while. Alison do you know anything about Sarah Ban Breathnach or her new blog if so can you let me know. I wish you only the best for 2014 and I am looking forward to your future blogs. God bless Donna x

  8. annette says:

    Love your blog, thanks so much.

  9. Kimberli says:

    Such wonderful ideas!

  10. Kimberli says:

    Such wonderful ideas!

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