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  1. It can’t make up its mind here. Sunny one minute, pouring down the next. Not particularly warm tho. I see mainland Europe and Alaska (of all places!) are enjoying (or not) hot, sunny weather. Mind you we don’t go in for that nonsense in England. *sniffs*
    Lovely tips as always Alison. Keep your toes dry.


  2. What perfect timing! It’s rainy here, too, and I have a cold and had to cancel an afternoon party, so i decided to check on the very off-chance that there were some new puttery treats — and there were!

  3. A dull (probably gunna rain) kind of weekend here as well. Got soccer out of the way without being soaked so that’s a plus. I love your ideas, especially looking at those Vintage nighties -really want one for myself. Really don’t feel like cleaning, it’s humid here and who in the heck feels like cleaning in this kind of weather!?? (even though both my washrooms would probably be closed down if the board of health made house calls). I think I’ll read some more “Life, Love and Vintage Housekeeping”. :)Enjoy your weekend.

  4. I really love these posts of yours! I feel they make me remember what’s really important, esp. in trying times, having fun and taking care of me and my lovethanks

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