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  1. Heartening to read this. I have three monthly homes mags posted to me and cannot bear to open them at once. Can often be days before I tentatively open a page. I wonder if once I see all then the thrill be lost ? Feel good fessing up ! Cheers ! X

    1. Oh Chrissie yes! Magazines are definitely part of this phenomenon… I can barely bring myself to open Simple Things. And you are right… perhaps it is a fear of disappointment…

  2. This definitely happens to me with any highly anticipated media (or with things I KNOW are delicious) – I think it stems from several things, namely worry that fun will end too quickly and leave one melancholy, and also that the inspirational nature of what we are about to experience will require change on our part, which, while we desire it, is always frightening and/or seemingly burdensome.

    1. I forgot – the desire to wallow in things that anger or disturb us is, I think, a rather ironic self-defense mechanism; if we deal with these things now, they are no longer an unknown waiting to descend upon us. Also, we are more comfortable with negative emotions, as they are unfortunately often more familiar and therefore comfortable (going back to my previous comment about change being scary).

  3. There are a number of magazines (several British based) that I wait to read. I can’t simply have a flip through and then go back later- the magic would be lost. I must have the free time, a nice pot of tea and a warm fire in the winter or a cool drink and a nice comfy spot to take my time and enjoy the written word and lovely photos that these publications offer. Its for this very same reason that I can not enjoy reading certain publications or books while waiting at the doctors. Too many distractions.
    I reread the Sarah Ban Breathnach books and anything by Alexandra Stoddard daily, usually picking up a book and reading a page at a time as I pass by. However, there are passages in these books that I will skip over and only read when I can take the time to concentrate and savor what is written.

    As a Oregon, US resident, where Posie Gets Cozy is located, I will not miss checking her blog. I find it fascinating that we go to the same places, shop at the same stores, fabric shops and so on, yet I have no idea if we have ever actually crossed paths. Even when we have been at the same places on the same day. I find it comforting to see that others like and do the same things I do. Some times the blog posts make me sad, but I still wouldn’t miss them. I also think that her photography of our area is wonderful.

  4. Oh my, but I know so well those feelings! And the feeling sometimes, of having read a book, finished it, but cannot put it back on the bookshelf, or return it to the library. I just have to have it near me, for a while. And sometimes, I hate when I feel that way about a library book, because although I can buy a new copy, or look out for a secondhand copy, that copy, that particular one, will be gone. It is so wonderful to find that other people are out there like me, to have that connection, that moment of recognition, of yes, me too, me too.

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