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  1. Hi! Long time no see, as usual I disappeared for a while!
    I just spent a lovely 90 (ish) minutes catching up on your posts since February, and just wanted to pop in and say I’m glad to have had 8 pages to read! I’m so sorry about Jimmy, I hope the newest fluffball of your family can ease some of your pain, I can empathise with the heartache of doing what is right to end the suffering of a little creature you care so much for. I loved your post on feminism and being a housewife – I care very much about my little piece of home and creating a comfortable place for me and Gof to live – the idea that not only this goes against the tenets of feminism, but actually harms it, is ridiculous and abhorrent to me. Feminism to me was about about choice, not having to pick one path over another and sticking to it. Not only is it completely unworkable, it places even more pressure on the very woman it was supposed to ‘free’.

    Ahh! I’ll stop now. I’ll be popping in more regularly now 😀

  2. Amazing video. Thank you so much for sharing Finn and Alison. I am definitely passing this one on today.

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