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  1. Thanks for the links today Alison…love them. And Brand is more than a little troubled. I think he’s nuts but I’m a conservative so that how I roll. I’m glad he’s got great people like you to love him.

  2. Beautifully articulate. Mr. Brand is speaking of truths not only on your side of the world but mine as well. He is pretty spot on. I’m not for socialism, if that is what he’s for. However more people need to stand up and speak out against the problems in our world. Thanks for the link.

  3. I am not a Russell Brand fan generally, but I do agree with him on this. Here in the U.S., where corporations were given the same rights as people by our courts, and not one of our politicians seems to think that that is wrong, it does make me wonder about the purpose of voting, and I’m a regular Yankee Doodle do or dye type.

  4. As for the sauerkraut (which I do love), it is not the gut-to-brains that influences most people, its the guts-to-gas that does. I wonder if Beano counteracts all that good bacteria? It doesn’t say, but when talking about fermented foods, it really should. Really. Rrreeeeealy!

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