Season Two of The Circle

By Alison June 29, 2007 No Comments 3 Min Read

Well now, it has been lurking suggestively in my sidebar for more than two months now, issuing promises of Coming Soon! and really rather remarkably failing to deliver the goods.
But no more: no more I say! I have finally snaffled a day or two to collate all the writing from Season Two of the Vintage Housekeepers Circle, and for the first time it is available to buy in one easy download, packaged with over 100 Summery Puttery Treats published over the last twelve months on Brocante and in the Circle and 10 spanking new scrumptiously lovely BONUS Summertime Puttery treats designed to give you food for thought and indeed something wonderful to do on hot Summer mornings…

The second season of The Vintage Housekeepers Circle ran from May to September 2009 and when I was reviewing the emails for inclusion in this download I was astonished by just how Summery and thoroughly inspirational it was!

Included in the download are gorgoeus little essays on…

Inviting Homes Good Angel in.
Making the most of your bedroom with Project Boudoir.
Avoiding the dreaded Housekeepers Putzy Syndrome in Putzfimmel.
Creating a Bedroom File.
Making the Glimmering Arches the cornerstones of Project Boudoir.
Establishing boundaries between Motherhood and your relationship in Rememberances.
Getting ready for bed the Brocante way in Preparation for Slumber.
Decorating authentically in The Eye of the Beholder.
Embracing silence in The Quiet Hour.
Creating a beautiful, vintage inspired Dressing Table.
Treating your room to a Boudoir Laundry session…
Creating a Brocante Holiday Emergency Kit.
Discovering what brings instantaneous domestic peace in Tick-Tock.
Establishing a hidey hole in Mummies Stash.
Leaving domesticity in it’s rightful place in Upstairs Downstairs.
Calling upon the Summer Homemakers Trade Union in The Three day Week.
Looking after yourself with a gorgeous Canarino morning ritual.
Throwing a Party in Pushing the Boat Out.
Preparing for arriving home in Holiday Home.
Stealing ideas from Other Peoples Houses.
A list of Puttery Treats Just Because
Cultivating elegance in Fine Things.
Closing the door on all that we do not wish to share in Secrets and Lies.
Preparing for Autumn in Little Reminders.
Homemaking the proper way in Good Practise.
And getting inspired all over again in Re-lighting the Spark

Alongside scrummy, yummy Puttery Summery loveliness like this:

* Mix up a Summer seasoning mix of coarse black pepper, sea salt, dried Herbs de Provence and a drop or two of lemon oil. Decant into a grinder and sprinkle over salad and barbequed food.

* Collage the words Home Sweet Home onto something pretty and frame it. Surround yourself with reminders that home is where the heart should be…

* Simmer the stems and leaves of lavender, eucalyptus and rosemary in water for thirty minutes, then strain and decant… et voila, the Summeriest, freshest homemade disinfectant.

If you liked Season One , you are going to LOVE Season Two, I promise!

Buy it now for just $8.00 and get your instant download in your in-box…

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And as always, big hugs and thank-you’s for continuing to keep BrocanteHome online and thriving.

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