Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

By alison February 21, 2009 No Comments 2 Min Read

    Oh Sweeties, I know: you would prefer it if I was regaling you with the eccentric combination that is juicy titbits from my non-existent single Mommy love life and seven thousand things to do with a salty lemon, and some days that is indeed what is foremost on my mind. But today I can’t get enough of these rather fabulous Silhouettes from the The Bazaarium.

    I make no apologies. They are funny and beautiful. Victorian art, traditional skills and the kind of humour that tickles the funny bone I keep tucked behind my ear.

    Once I wrote about my urge to be an accomplished woman. Being accomplished, I declared, in anything, would do. Cross stitch, piano playing, calligraphy, skipping rope, seduction, anything. Today I want to be an accomplished silhouette cutter but the fact that I would find myself swimming in the divide between accomplishment and art would make me miserable. Wilhelm Staehle is an artist. I am a wannabe.

    So I am off to see He’s Just Not That Into You instead. And yes I agree, that is something else I should apologise for. So I’m sorry. On all counts.

    Have a nice day.


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