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  1. Yes, it’s that time of year, when winter is not crisp and snowy but rather muddy, soggy and damp. And spring is nowhere to be seen. So, let’s forgive ourselves for being in a totally “cannot be arrised” mood, acknowledge that we are all right, really, and indulge in a few treats like a warming cup of fruity herbal tea, some scented hand lotion and a mountain of cushions. As you say, this soon will pass.

  2. Hi my scrumptious New friend, wonderful wonderful site! I’ve been worried about you and yours with the floods are y’all okay?

  3. I love that you have a crying blanket… I think I need one. I too have had those moments, where tiny little things, that should be nothing, have suddenly made me feel less than and the dreaded not-normal. Sometimes other women seem like resilient bouncy balls and I feel fragile, vulnerable, shadowed. I suppose that’s the curse of being super sensitive and eccentric – we’re just not like the others. Somedays I relish it, other days I feel as if something is wrong with me. Nothing to do but let it pass like a wave in an ocean. And maybe snuggle up in a crying blanket too…

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