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  1. Sleep and I have a love-hate relationship. I love it but it hates me. The only time in the last fifteen years I’ve slept more than four hours at a time was the night my daughter was born and the nurses took her to the nursery. I’ve tried all of the sleep aids over the years. Sadly the only thing that really worked was the drug Ambien. It gave me the sleep of the dead, I felt terrible the next day. So I just muddle along on broken sleep. I’ll still be trying to convince my daughter to nap when she’s 12, I think.

  2. Your completely the opposite of me then. My sleep problems are/were due to peri menopause and, thankfully, are getting better. I did all the usual non prescription tricks and four years of struggle later, gave up and got the doc to prescribe low dose Zimovane that I take prn. I find I use it less and less the past few months as well.
    I don’t find herbal sleep aids anything but a waste of money (slightly embarrassing considering I’m an aromatherapist) and I don’t sleep well when my OH isn’t with me. Plainly the nunnery will have manage without me.

    I hope you get some relief regardless of which methods you employ because poor sleep is right up there with nutrition for kicking the crap out of you, physically and emotionally.


  3. My sympathies Alison! Nights alone can be quite blissful really, though a dim memory for me. I gave birth to a ” poor sleeper” baby 5.5 years ago, who didn’t sleep through as in not waking three times a night until 4 and still is a very light sleeper. With low sleep need. So the sleep specialist informed me when I was just about hallucinating from sleep deprivation. She stopped napping at 18 months.
    Now I find she just talks in her sleep and is restless several times a night, but the way I sleep has changed! It’s very light now, as in I find I wake up fully. She half wakes I do fully. I wished for a birthday gift of a day in bed when she was just turned 3.

    And got influenza for my birthday. It was in bed, but not the cool sheets of the lovely hotel bed I was dreaming of. I absolutely adore her, she is the light of my life, but sleep. I miss it.

  4. As I was taking in every detail of your description of your sleeping notations, I started wondering if I was a bit odd…..because I found it fascinating! I suppose we become a bit pre-occupied with sleep as we get older!

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