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  1. 😉
    I hide my washing up in the oven sometimes when i have people over and I am convinced Nigella does the same…she just doesn’t admit to it…xx

  2. But I am one exhausted mummy who has spent the whole day TURNING OUT 3 childrens entire wardrobes and chest of drawers to do the bi-annual will-it-still-fit-in 6 months or is it to be passed down, donated, crafted or trashed job. And then I tackled my own closet and carried out FIFTEEN winter skirts and packed away all the rest of my winter stuff, filling all our emptied and tidied spaces with floral dresses and denim shorts, teeshirts and sweatshirts and lightweight cashmere cardies instead of aran knits. So now theres just the coat closet, boots and shoes and winter sports stuff to do. Roll on Spring! And don’t anyone even THINK of stuffing ANYTHING into my nice tidy cupboards 😉 xx

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