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  1. I LOVE Sunday Siestas. I always took one until my three year old decided that she hated naps. Now I spend the time fighting with her to go to sleep until I’m no longer able to sleep myself.

    1. Hi sweetie, when this started happening with Finn, I changed naptime to “quiet time” and just lay down with him, hushing him whenever he started rambling.. and because he didn’t feel as though sleep was obligatory he inevitably drifted off!

  2. Alison, as an Australian I’m well used to hot summer nights so I’ll share my sleeping secret with you for scorching nights — a cooler brick wrapped in a thin towel. It’s the opposite of winter time, your feet cool down then your whole body, sleep comes.
    The lavender tea and parsley mayo sound delightful, I presume each is just the herb added to the regular product?

    1. Oooh Rose I will give that go: I swear I am going to expire one of these nights!
      As for the lavender tea and parsley mayo…
      For the tea I steep lavender buds in hot water, then strain, allow to cool and pass through a water filter jug before cooling and it is gently floral and soothing…

      And the parsley mayo is a mix of finely chopped mayo, a squeeze of lemon, a chopped garlic clove and a liberal sprinking of black pepper: delish!

      1. Thank you so much for the recipes. I hope you get relief with the cooler brick, I find it magic on the nights we have a blisteringly hot westerly.

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