Take The Puttery Treats Challenge!

By Alison January 2, 2013 2 Comments 2 Min Read

Housekeepers, I am so delighted that there are so very many of us on board for a year of puttery scrumptiousness! I know many of you have, like me, already selected your word of the year, so I thought it was about time I explained the Puttery Year Challenge so that you can really get going on making 2013 your most beautiful yet…
At the back of your Companion you will find a chart with four columns. In the first column I have listed each and every puttery treat described in the first month of our Puttery Year. Then  there is a tick box, a blank column, and a further tick-box.

You see I wanted to make you accountable for the amount of puttery loveliness we bring into our lives and there seemed no better way than to provide  a Puttery To-Do list, if only because there is no better feeling in this than ticking off another to-do is there??

So here is how I recommend bringing up to 730 gorgeous little sparks of routine, ritual and daily celebration into your life in 2013…

* Work through the recommended puttery tasks in the Puttery Year List. Do them in whatever order suits your domestic life. If necessary do six in one day and the rest at the end of the month. Alter them as you see fit, for they are after all only suggestions. Then when you have done them tick them off in the second column. Easy peasy!

* Use the third column for the puttery treats you invent yourself. Whether you steal inspiration from Pinterest or use the prompts in my High Days and Holidays list, simply note down a quick sentence describing what you did that day to lift your home out of the doldrums, then give yourself a tick for excellent work!

* Remember that the rule is there are no rules.

* But at the end of the month add up the number of ticks in each column and use those figures as your personal challenge to increase your commitment to a puttery way of life in the next month…

At the end of the year, in the last Companion of 2013 there will be a little puttery personal awards ritual to use to congratulate yourself on a life well-lived, for if we cannot reward ourselves for actively choosing to make life lovelier then what indeed is worth rewarding??

Happy Puttering Housekeepers!

P.S Superstars don’t forget that you can find the Companion and a matching edition of the January treats available to download in the Superstar area now…


  1. Lynn says:

    Spent a wonderful afternoon reading you fab January Putter Treats thank you so much Alison, can’t wait to get started, you brighten my days xx

  2. Brunette says:

    I can’t wait to get started! Between Christmas, 5 small children, and a nasty, NASTY cold we all had for the past week, my poor little house is in dire need of a top to bottom Brocante makeover. I’m doubling up on my vitamins and starting tomorrow. 🙂

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