Tammy and Holly

By Alison January 29, 2014 1 Comment 1 Min Read

Do you remember when, back in the day I featured the work of Holly Farrell, here on BrocanteHome?
“The elusive shabbiness of a battered pink chair and the fraying covers of our cherished collection of vintage cookbooks…”

That was seven whole years ago (!) and since then Holly’s work has attained a level of lovely familiarity, helped or possibly hindered by those of who cannot help but try to capture a little of her painted essence on to our Pinterest boards, captivated by the way she makes our mundane so very beautiful…

Today I followed a Pinterest link back to Holly’s site and while adoring the ever lovely bookshelf paintings, it was these fabulous Tammy doll paintings that completely and utterly stole my heart…

I’m not a doll kinda woman. I have never longed for a house filled with Barbie dolls and little girls and I think my love affair with Sindy ended when I was ten. No. It isn’t about the dolls, though heaven knows Tammy is a total vintage doll! Instead it is about the vintage wallpapers, the juxtaposition of patterns, the rosebud lips, the contortions of each dolls neck and the flat, darling, blue eyes.

Love with a capital L.

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  1. I have never seen anything like it…just beautiful!

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