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  1. Hi Alison. If one month costs $10. How is it that paying quarterly ie 3 months it cost $33.00??
    Am I missing something here? Sorry if I am.

    Love all you do
    Barbara x

    1. OOOoooh Barbara, that doesn’t sound right! Let me look into it and see what chaos I have caused now… watch this space.x

  2. Love this list! I am heading in the same direction. I purchased new bedding for the new year. I redid my planner with Martha Stewart, but thanks to your suggestion, I am going to modify it slightly for the Puttery Year Companion. Can’t wait for that! Love being a Superstar. I highly recommend it to all.
    I have been clearing out all kinds of stuff for charity since November 1st to make way for all the blessings available to me in 2013. Finally, a big “Thank You” for the info on Leonie Dawson, and the Smash Folio. I think both of these will be adding much to my life in 2013.

    I hope and pray that 2013 is a wonderful year for all.

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