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  1. Oh my gosh…you are just to real…I love your stories Allison. They make me feel normal (there are others of my kind) and actually a little sane, comparatively!

  2. Darling Alison, I am so glad you are both ok — and that is the best excuse for homework I have heard since my history teacher recounted that his mum had stuffed his homework up a mousehole to block it up…! (Now that would have been pre-war, because he was a captain in the 8th Army!)
    Thanks to your wonderful planner I have everything ready and I have checked my list and am about to go and do that last tiny bit tomorrow.

    Stay safe, and enjoy the casserole.

  3. Oh, dear. Poor little Finley. It is so very difficult to carry the weight of the world on such very small shoulders. 😉 Have a very Merry Christmas, anyway. With all our love and blessings! Debbi and Elizabeth

  4. Thank you for this funny, bittersweet post. I hope Finley feels better quickly…nothing is worse than being sick at Christmastime.
    This 58 year old great granny is having her tonsils out on the 18th. So I was planning on having everything ready for Christmas before I left for the hospital as this minor surgery for children is much more major for grownups. Instead, I’ve been nursing a bad cold for two weeks.

    So…most everything is sitting in a pile on my table waiting to be wrapped…except for the things coming via UPS/USPS that were ordered online. I’ve two more projects to finish but must clear the table first to have room to do so. I also need to pick up the traditional stocking candy that can only be purchased at selected stores. And then a swing by the market to pick up ice cream, pudding and soup…lots and lots of ice cream.

    However…being sick has had it’s perks. I’ve not been able to leave the house so I’ve had lots of time to listen to Christmas music, watch Christmas movies on cable, and read. Fortunately, with my Kindle, I can browse and download all the books my heart desires…and with their thousands of free titles, I rarely have to pay for a book. There’s been lots of snuggle time with my kitty, Meeser.

    Christmas may not be all I’d planned but it’s been wonderful so far. I have a week of recovery time before our family celebration so I’m hoping I can take part in the party. I may not have the kind of Christmas I WANT to have…but I will have the kind of Christmas I NEED to have.

    Merry Christmas to you and Finley!

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