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  1. Dear Alison, Books, books glorious books…I could probably build a house with all my books…but I am slowly learning to read on my Ipad. I LOVE the instance of it! Talk about gratification!
    Now, I know you talked a bit about this when you got your kindle, and have told us about several books you were enjoying downloaded. Do you have any list of them here,to refer back to -particularly the free, old vintage ones? How do you find them and how to download them? Yes…I am as technically incompetant as that. I can manage a pay now button from Amazon, though! So I shall hop over and take a look at a couple of these recommendations 🙂 Gill.

  2. One of the drawbacks of the Kindle and such is all the books one doesn’t love that don’t end up in charity shops for people who can’t afford e-readers….

  3. Oh Alison, time and time again, I am just amazed by our similarities! I fell in love with The Way of the Happy Woman too! I am so excited for Brocante Home 2013, and I continue to add the day I stumbled across you to my gratitude list each evening! love Mimi xxx

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