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By Alison May 5, 2008 No Comments 2 Min Read

Each Puttery Post email will land in your in-box each evening and will include one teeny tiny ALL-NEW puttery treat with which to brighten your day! Based around an calendar of vintage housekeeping routines, rituals and celebrations it will hopefully show you the way to create routine while reminding you to honour the teeny tiny things that go such a long way to making life so scrumptious! Alongside a list of lovely little BrocanteHome-made celebrations I will be also basing the treats around seasonal delights and annual celebrations like Easter and Valentines alongside lesser known calendar events like St Bastilles Day and Friendship day to ensure we always have a little something to celebrate! And at the end of each month I will send you a link to a pretty download with all of the puttery treats mailed to you listed so you have a copy to slip into your BrocanteHome Housekeepers Planner…
There are two ways to buy The Puttery Post…

Either subscribe to the entire year and get the months you have missed sent as downloadable PDF’s and the reminder of the year in your in-box for the sum of $26.00 from my Etsy store…

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Or buy each monthly download individually as and when it is issued…

Buy January’s PDF by clicking the button below, for $3.00

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Buy February’s PDF by clicking the next button and paying $3.00

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And buy March’s PDF by clicking the button and paying $3.00

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The remainder of the years PDF’s will be posted here as they become available so do keep an eye out for them and in the mean time may I thank you for your continued support of BrocanteHome

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