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  1. When the calm arrives, I’ll tell you that my Housekeeping 365 e-mails stopped coming. Again. Haven’t had one since Sunday. *sigh*Technology hates me.
    I just read The Child of the Sea by Elizabeth Goudge, and it was unexpectedly depressing. All her other books were much more uplifting than not, so I’m going to go make something scrumptious for the kids and lose my disappointment in their delight.
    (It’s been dark and gray and rainy and stickily humid here for the past 3 days, which doesn’t help one’s outlook)

  2. Well Alison here in London town people are just so happy to see the sun, have some warmth, and be outdoors that as long as you have an outdoors with somewhere to sit, and something to drink, and even a barbecue inside could be a bomb site. If up north the weather is anything like so glorious , just make the powder room pretty and entertain outdoors…..It will be lovely for sure.

  3. Hi Alison, My 365 have stopped arriving too. Sad about this so have to go searching through my folders for the master file. Hope all goes well for you and your visitors. Enjoy.Love Barbara

  4. Oh gosh this is a nuisance isn’t it? I use a service called MadMimi and their autoresponder should deliver each email daily but for some reason it keeps stalling, at which point I have to get on to their help line to ask for the autoresponder to be “pushed” which is why your emails arrive a little later some days than the 8.00am delivery time they are scheduled for.I will go now and ask for another “push” and I will look into changing services (without further interruption) asap. I swear tech will be the death of me.
    Thank you for your patience.

  5. Mine stopped, too! I was afraid you mysteriously “knew” I was not accomplishing it all and just decided to excommunicate me! Not really… You’d have dome that many moons ago! Your new stuff sounds delightful… I know just the mess you mean… The one right before the “Ahhhhhh.”. Hugs from MO….

  6. I can “cheerfully” announce that I am still receiving the 365 emails. I put the quotes around cheerfully because I love seeing it until I see all the things I must try to fit into my day. Ha ha ha.
    Hang in there Our Alison! We are all in this together!

  7. Lovely post, Alison. I always come to the same conclusions myself, but it is helpful to be reminded. And I really enjoyed that it was adorned with your photos.

  8. I loved this kind of post too – interspersed with snapshots of everyday life! You are so wise and so right – and I have an almost disturbing addiction to that kind of ‘roll your sleeves up and grit your teeth and dig in’ storm before the ever so satisfying calm it creates! (or maybe its the end result and accompanying self satisfaction I’m really addicted to?!). I hope your best laid plans pan out as well as I am sure they will – the bonus being you have a lovely new bed, clean carpets and ‘new’ lounge and garden to enjoy at the end of it all regardless – win win! x

  9. I just love the picture of the potting bench. I was given one very like that a couple of months ago and I have to say pottering around on it has calmed a few inner storms lately. It’s all about sifting out the things that need to be changed from those that you need to accept because you can’t change them. Hope your efforts prove gratifying.

  10. Oh, Alison. This was such a lovely post. Your essays always brighten my day and cheer me up enormously. I love reading about your life and seeing your snapshots of the things you choose to highlight. You influence so many of us. For those of us who post comments, there are many many more who read your essays and go about their day feeling cheered, calmed, or like they have a “comrade in arms” as they go about their daily chores. So happy I found you! You have changed my housekeeping/cooking/decorating/reading/music choices forever! Love you!

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