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  1. I make a living Advent wreath with mini red poinsettias, variegated ivy, and ivory candles; you’d love it. Last night was the first night in Advent and the kids were SO excited to start our nightly Advent services again. It’s become a great family tradition.I’m trying to figure out how to link you a pic of it but this iPhone is defeating me. I’ll fire up the computer in a bit.

  2. I almost did a similar thing on facebook 🙂 I have a big old wooden chest that has been in my hubby’s family since they came to America, and it sits at the end of the bed. It is where I put all the presents for my son, last year I took photos of the chest as it filled and posted them on Facebook. Well I was about to do it yesterday and realized…. My son is now on Facebook and will see this!!! I’m so glad I remembered !! Wouldn’t want to ruin the suprise!! Happy holidays Alison and Finn!!!

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