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By Alison December 31, 2013 4 Comments 1 Min Read

It is New Years Eve. Something would be amiss if we weren’t dwelling on our yesterdays and keeping our fingers crossed for all our tomorrows. Though it would be nice to live in the here and now, our very humanity prevents it: instinctively we reflect, pause, and project all our existing desires upon tomorrow…
But what if it wasn’t necessary? What if what will be will be regardless and we only have to let go… to trust that what is for us will not pass us by?  And if it does then it wasn’t meant to be and it is simply a step on the journey to another happier place..?

Imagine that. No resolutions. No wishlists. No magic words. Stop exhausting yourself, wanting. Just let go and trust…

Here’s to a beautiful New Year Darlings.x 


  1. Ouissi says:

    I love this 😉 In 39 New Years I haven’t kept a resolution, not in it’s entirety, so the thought of letting all that go is peaceful. I have things I’d like to happen and achieve in 2014 but no resolutions. It’ll be the first year I won’t fail to keep to my strict annual January diet…mainly because I have no intention of guilt-triping myself to start it xxx

  2. Ah.. A great point. I have been considering my word of the year to be glow…..last year it was sparkle and honestly it was more of a fizzle. Love you and Finn! Always will!

  3. Annmarie says:

    There is a Shaker hymn:
    Today, today is my own time, tomorrow can’t be reckoned
    And what is past cannot return, though much to be regretted.
    Then let me well improve each day and lay me up a treasure
    That will not rust or wear away, but dwell with me forever.

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