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  1. ive now reached the age of 53 i look back and wish i was at least 20 years younger all the things you find on different blogs that you wished you had known then if it wasnt for the wine you would cry do it anyway if you can still move around whilst stepping over everything exercise everthing works out the way it should be trust me you would give anything for things to be as they were x you also end ever text with a kiss xx or is that just me x

  2. thought i had a few more spaces on the above comment will cut down on the wine no i am not an alcoholic but sooooooooooooooo could be now the kids no longer need me seize the day it take 5 minutes to clean house if we have to toilets and and everything else in a box when kids need us we are there after that there is wine xx

  3. We use the term in Australia, it must be part of our Anglo heritage.
    I am having enormous fun and reward working through “The Art of Homemaking” Alison. Trash it or Treasure It will be run concurrently I think, I am loving it all.

  4. Oh you CLEVER thing! I’ve been so wrapped up in my book stuff that I’ve only just caught up on what you’ve been up to this week. Can’t WAIT to hear all about it over coffee next week…we’re going to take over the book world. You with your gorgeous lifestyle beautifulness and me with my bonkers tales of seals and snogging and men in kilts. 2013 is our year, my lovely girl. xxx

  5. I saw this all the time too… and my flat looked particularly like a bomb had hit it today but the rain pouring outside I returned it to loveliness… candles are lit and I’m just waiting for my mum to arrive for the evening with chocolate hot cross buns!
    Victoria x

  6. Love the thought of bring able to ignore the chaos and sit down! Instead I find myself wanting to get things straight before I do so – just like my grandmother. It is so much easier to create, gather thoughts and relax in an orderly environment

  7. I am reading your book….. After a few months of blog quietness as I got my head together I saw your name on Amazon and had to have. It’s really evocative, and so not a ‘swallow in one sitting’ book. Instead I read it a section or two a day. It’s like having a blog in a book, really it is. I can see the passage of time and the narrative of your everyday life running through. Hope your bomb site gets blitzed later!

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