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The joy just never ends.

If you will pardon my french it’s the bloody boilers fault. I blame the boiler. I do. If I didn’t have one I wouldn’t need the constant attentions of the local plumbers dilly dallying with my pipes and costing me a fortune in the process. When I was just on the verge of signing back up for broadband and finally rejoining the land of the living the boiler dies and £150.00 later I no longer have goose pimples nor any real hope of an internet connection at home in the very near future…

Now I’m not one to moan (much) but indulge me regardless. Aside from the boiler nightmare yesterday Finley woke up with the blotchy horror that is Scarletina, because being a vintage kinda Mommy I insist my son only suffers from old fashioned horrors like mumps and such like and say pah to chicken pox and the common cold…

So my day went to pot. The boiler went pop.  And then we went to the doctors.

I’m off to put my head in the oven. Have a lovely weekend.x


  1. Amy Jo says:

    I feel your pain. My washing machine is broken. Oh joy, now I get to go to the laundromat. Hmmm…considering I’m a single mom too, maybe I’ll meet a man. *snort*
    Hope your little one is feeling better soon!

  2. Sasha says:

    What is Scarletina?????? Don't they say these things come in three's – so that's the computer, the boiler and the blotch! Sorted – things will start getting better now, won't they!!!
    I wish Finley better xx

  3. Katherine says:

    I hope your little guy recovers quickly!
    I do miss your daily posts~I hope everything lines itself out soon for you!

  4. Jacquie Kernick says:

    Oh dear Ali….I am sorry you have a poorly son and the internet connection is "on hold" for the foreseeable future.
    I hope there is some silver lining in this cloud that seems to be hanging around! I can feel your frustration. (((((hugs)))))
    Jacquie x

  5. Karen says:

    Geez. My boiler just went too. If it’s not one thing, it’s another! I hope your babe feels better very soon.

  6. Nuts. Pardon my French.
    You and Finley are in my thoughts. I hope that your computer will be back online very soon and that Finley will be all better in no time.
    Remove thy head from the oven…you’re much needed in this world!

  7. Scatter says:

    Poor baby, and hes most precious!
    Computers, boilers, illness.. does it ever end?

  8. Amy says:

    ack…sounds like you’ve had a tiring weary day. hope your day tomorrow is much better.

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