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  1. Totally agree…boring, boring beige and black…especially for XL (+) sizes. Try Gudrun Sjoden for a little blast of colour and style and probably peacock blue booties too!

  2. Oh, and as its Remembrance Day, I'm going to read my favourite classic, Rilla of Ingleside by LM Montgomery, in which Rilla chooses to buy an expensive ultra- fashionable hat, which she then has to wear every single day until the end of the Great War four years later! The first thig she does when Armistice is announced is to jump up and down on that hat… Gill ; )

    1. Hilarious! Love that Gill. I've read every LM Montgomery book at least twice and forgot about that one! It's a great counter-argument though! We would hardly want to be stuck wading through a depression or a war in our most ridiculous shoes, a tulle skirt and a sequined sweater. So I think there should be at least a little bit of a balance between essentials and indulgences.

  3. I would really love to have a fancy dinner party. I keep planning simple, casual gatherings but what I really want to do is a gowns and tails evening of sumptuous food and elegant dancing in my own house.

  4. Yes, but I can afford to buy lots of fabulous shoes because I have a little black dress that never needs to be replaced. Prioritizing what I want was always my purpose in buying classic pieces.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, Valerie. I am definitely more conservative in my choices as I've gotten older than when I was younger. I think the classics are great as a backdrop, but sometimes I go overboard on classic stuff and don't do enough accenting. Great reminder to be fun!

  6. I love bold, tropical colors that remind me of the Florida Keys, but I don't have enough of them in our home. Our walls are all sand-colored–it was meant to be a backdrop to the tropical stuff, we just never got around to accenting much, so our decor is pretty neutral (and boring).

  7. Wonderful, inspiring post, Valerie! You know, I buy what I like, but also what I can afford. Fun colors and prints have become my "neutrals." I've started to buy more "quality" items, but only if I truly like them.

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