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  1. Alison,
    It's obvious that you love your books like I do.
    Thanks for sharing the great ideas and reminding me to spend time with my old freinds and maybe moving them around to view in a new light.

  2. I often lose days by tidying out my bookcase and putting all my favourite things out on display then once I am happy with my display I move onto my little boy's bookcase and do the same for him. Fortunately he loves my displays too!! Absolutely scrumptious site Alison

  3. Another lovely thing I have started doing, on the advice of Nigella Lawson (each month in Easy Living Magazine they have a 'my life in books' feature- fascinating stuff!) is to cut out reviews of books that I have bought, or print them off of the internet, and paste them inside the book. In future years, when you look back on the book, or when you pass them on, contemporary reviews allready inside!

  4. TASCHEN have a new book coming out called 'Shop America: Mid Century Store Front Design 1938-50' – could I send you an information sheet?
    We also publish diaries and calendars on Elvgren pin-up girls and Vintage Playboy.

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