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Green Money
 Author: D.E. Stevenson  Category: Dean Street Press  Publisher: Dean Street Press  Published: 03 Jan, 2022  ISBN: B09LMBRVZQ See On Amazon

“Now, listen to me,” said Mr. Green earnestly. “I’ve brought up my little girl as a girl should be brought up. I’ve sheltered her from the world. She’s uncontaminated by the modern ideas-uncontaminated. What d’you think of that?”

Young George Ferrier’s frivolous jaunt in London ends with an unexpected encounter with wealthy Mr. Green, old friend of his father, who spontaneously drafts George to be a trustee for his daughter Elma. George accepts (primarily due to the payment involved) and puts it out of his mind, returning home to his high-spirited Irish mother, distracted astronomer father, and friends Peter Seeley and his sister Cathy. But Mr. Green’s sudden death-and the discovery that his fellow trustees are distinctly on the shady side-launches George into a series of rollicking adventures as he attempts to secure the overly-sheltered Elma’s wealth, protect her from fortune-hunters, and shield her from her own naïve instincts.

First published in 1939 and out of print for many years, Green Money is a delightful tale of fortune and fraud, innocence and experience-and of course romance. This new edition includes an autobiographical sketch by D.E. Stevenson.

“Miss Stevenson has her own individual and charming way of seeing things.” Western Mail